MAXiDESK™ Electric Standing Desk (48” wide desktop)

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Meet MAXiDESK™, the best ergonomic standing desk available.  A high quality adjustable height desk office environments and work from home, the MAXiDESK™ is ergonomic furniture that helps you crush your workday.

The MAXiDESK™ boosts your productivity at home by enabling you to sit or stand at the touch of a button. Using the latest electric standing desk technology, MAXiDESK™ gives you all the benefits of a standing desk whether you work from home or in an office. Long days spent sitting are a thing of the past. Control your comfort and posture with MAXiDESK™ sit stand computer desk, designed for every computer-based occupation.

With over twenty years of experience, designers of the original SMARTdesks™ bring you the latest in adjustable standing desks. Ergonomic desks are the latest trend in home office furniture and corporate environments. Stay ahead of the curve with the best standing desk on the market, only available from SMARTdesks™.

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